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Meeting Gleanings

The organizers want to thank everyone who helped to make the workshop an interesting and inspiring meeting!

DMolecular Modeling Workshop in Erlangen CCC Teilnehmer Gruppenbild 2010 The workshop Picture of all participants is available for download in higher resolution:
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The Web-Version of the Book Of Abstracts is available in PDF (2.4 MB) format.

The winners of the Lecture Awards are

Lecture Award Winners 2010

  • 1. Ignasi Buch (left)
    High-throughput all-atom molecular dynamics simulations using distributed computing
  • 2. Senbo Xiao (not in the picture)
    Silk fiber mechanics from models at different length scales
  • 3. Julian Fuchs (third from left)
    Shape Description of the Minor Groove
  • 3. Sophie Weggler (second from left)
    Numerical simulations on reentrant condensation of proteins

  • The winners of the Poster Awards are

      Poster Award Winners A 2010 Poster Award Winners B 2010

    • P01 Mazen Ahmad (left picture)
      Adhesive water networks facilitate binding of protein interfaces

    • P05 Daniel Cashman (right picture)
      An Analysis of the Difference between the Generalized Born Solvent Model and the Distance Dependent Dielectric Model for Normal Mode Analysis

    • P17 Kristin Kassler
      Computation Study of HIV-1 gp120 Antibody Recognition and Binding
    Some further Impressions:

    Workshop Announcement

    Molecular Modeling Workshop in Erlangen CCC Poster 2010 The Molecular Modeling Workshop in Erlangen provides research students and new postdoctoral scientists the perfect opportunity to present their research to the molecular modeling community. Scientists at the beginning of their academic careers are able to meet new colleagues in academia and industry.

    Every year, the organisers welcome both poster or lecture contributions in English or German from all areas of molecular modeling including life sciences, physical sciences, material sciences and the nano sciences.

    The aim of the Modeling Workshop is to introduce research in progress. The workshop is the perfect venue to introduce new methods in molecular modeling that can be applied to many disciplines. The workshop is suitable for everyone, those who want to gain experience in presentation skills and those who just want to network in a friendly relaxed environment.

    The workshop Poster is available for download in higher resolution:
    PNG, ~700 KB

    We thank our past and present sponsors for supporting this annual workshop.